Performance and innovation have taken the coffee culture to a new level. Coffee consumers and baristas alike are experiencing a new era driven both by tradition and advances in technology.

Year on year investment in Research and Development means investing in our future, a future driven by innovative technology that delivers ever higher levels of performance, environmental awareness and intuitive functionality. The result is a range of products that can be constantly remodelled and renewed, without ever losing their essential personality.

The Group’s emphasis on innovation is also reflected by the fifty patents it has been granted, of which fifteen were awarded in the last three years alone; milestones that mark our exceptional progress along a path towards a future full of promise.

HD: a system enabling customized water extraction pressure profiles for each dispensing button according to the blend used and the beverage to be dispensed.

BDS: an integrated system that facilitates the operator’s tasks through Bluetooth connectivity between the machine and the grinder-doser. The barista is guided step by step throughout the beverage preparation process, from grinding to dispensing.

TURBO STEAM & AUTO STEAM: a system that uses steam mixed with air to froth milk, without manual intervention.

TURBOMILK: an integrated system enabling the simple, rapid production of heated milk and of frothed hot or cold milk, for a varied menu with a wide assortment of beverages.

PGS: the perfect grinding system, ensuring constant grinding specifications while reducing and minimizing the need for adjustment. When dispensing, the machine constantly monitors dispensing parameters and automatically adjusts coffee grinding and dosage.

RUVECO TECK: this production process drastically reduces the risk of heavy metal migration into brewed beverages. All the components that come into contact with water and steam during beverage preparation undergo this treatment. As part of its ongoing research into innovative technological solutions to promote ever greater product efficiency, the group has signed major project agreements with key institutions such as the Politecnico di Milano and the universities of Bergamo and Stuttgart.