Tradition and innovation are the driving force behind the group’s progress towards new objectives, from generation to generation. The combination of its personal, artisanal approach to coffee with its proven technical and technological excellence has enabled the group to establish itself as world leader in the manufacture of traditional machines, with a 25% market share.

The group comprises the historic brands of La Cimbali, Faema, Casadio and Hemerson, so there is certainly no lack of experience and knowhow; indispensable elements in developing its extensive market offer of solutions for the hotel and catering industry, with traditional and highly automated machines, grinder-dosers and accessories. Reliability, performance, ergonomics and design, as well as unfailing quality in the cup, are the cornerstones of our work.

The jewel in the group’s crown is MUMAC, the Museum of Espresso Coffee Machines. Inaugurated in 2012 to bear witness to the company’s invaluable contribution to the history of the sector and to celebrate the role Italy has played in its success, MUMAC hosts the world’s largest exhibition of professional espresso coffee machines, representing 100 years of history, technology, design and Italian style.

It provides a professional training centre for all coffee lovers and promotes the espresso coffee culture, an icon of the superb Italian zest for life to be lived, savoured and, in this case, sipped.

The museum is also home to the MUMAC Academy, created for companies and professionals in the sector, as well as for coffee lovers. Here, they become part of a community where they can learn about the secrets of coffee, put their talents to the test and even express their art.